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Our service portfolio

We offer the best customs clearance solutions for both import and export matters.

We design individual transit solutions and offer special service on customer request. As a fiscal representative, we take care of the preparation of all necessary customs documents.


We are a strong and reliable partner to whom you can leave your import customs clearance completely up to you.

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With our all-round service, we take care of the complete processing of export and customs for you.

export, Sklad celny, Versandverfahren, Transit

Fiscal representation

Will your imported goods be transported to another EU country? Use the possibility of a fiscal customs clearance.

Uslugi celne, Zoll Dokumente, Customs document


In every transit case, we support you in such a way that you avoid unnecessary fees and charges with certainty!

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The right services for the active/passive processing & returned goods handling of your products

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Special services

We take over the entire sanctions list check for your company and support you throughout the entire process.

OCIS Cusoms broker, Zollagentur, Agencja celna Niemcy

Do you have questions?

It's best to get in touch today and we'll help you!

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