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Export declarations

Professional export declaration directly from the experts

You would like to send goods abroad and are currently looking for a professional Contact person who takes care of the export declaration for you? You want to be sure that nothing goes wrong with your export business? At OCIS, we ensure that your export deliveries be processed quickly and easily across all national borders!

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The advantages of our export declaration at a glance

Compliance with all regulations

Our specialists are familiar with all national and international legal regulations business transactions and always ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Low waiting times

So that you can be sure that the processing will run smoothly and that the waiting times will be short to a minimum, we declare according to the latest electronic customs procedures.

experienced team

With our team of experienced customs experts, we are at your side with all our knowledge and find a solution even for the most demanding requirements!

All from a single source

At OCIS we offer you all of our services from a single source, without anything superfluous Interfaces or other subcontractors.

Broad network of locations

In Europe we are on duty for you at all important customs offices, ports and airports and take care of them us for your export declaration.

Individual customs advice

No question remains unanswered with us! You will receive particularly flexible advice from us always exactly the answers you were looking for.

Why it is so important for your goods

If goods with certain requirements leave the EU, an export declaration is required at customs to submit. Even a minor filling-in error can lead to undesirable export delays to lead. The consequences: Deliveries are delayed or there are even additional costs.

In addition, many companies are often not aware of the fact that today, for example, too Shipments to Great Britain must be provided with an export declaration. For Inexperienced people it is therefore often difficult to get an overview around the different comply with customs regulations. So it pays to get the export declaration from a savvy contact person to carry out. Our experienced team knows all relevant national and international customs guidelines and laws. We take care of customs clearance so that you can receive your goods as quickly as possible. Fast, professional and competent - with the least possible administrative effort!

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We take care of the entire export declaration for you

As a qualified company in the field of export declarations, we are happy to take over the entire process process for you. It makes almost no difference which product you want to send or into which Country your goods go - we support you with all your challenges. Contact us just now and we will find a solution tailored to your needs!

Frequently asked questions?

1. What is an export declaration?

An export declaration is a declaration made by the exporter, the owner of the Goods or a representative must hand over to the customs office. With this registration transmits information about the goods and the export transaction in question to the customs authorities.

2. When do I have to carry out an export declaration?

An export declaration is required for anyone bringing certain goods to a country outside the EU want to export. This regulation always applies if the value of the goods is at least 1000 euros or the weight of the goods exceeds 1000 kg. Even if you have such goods, for example in Countries like Switzerland, the United Kingdom or Ukraine want to send a Export declaration to be submitted.

3. I still haven't found the right answer to my question, who can I contact turn around?

If you have not yet received the appropriate answer to your question, please feel free to contact us directly get in touch with us. Simply use our inquiry form or take contact us by phone. We are happy to answer any questions you still have answer them and find a tailor-made solution together.

Do you have questions?

It's best to get in touch today and we'll help you!

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