Export customs clearance and export declaration (ABD – Export accompanying document)

We advise you on the entire export clearance of your goods and also support you in the implementation. We are up to date with all relevant national and international laws that may restrict commercial traffic.

We report your goods using the latest electronic customs procedures – ensuring that everything runs smoothly and waiting times are kept to a minimum.

Checking the sanctions lists

Negligence in checking the current sanctions lists may not only be expensive, but also result in criminal prosecution. Since it is almost impossible these days to go through all existing lists manually, we use modern software technology to perform this task reliably and with complete security.


Export Control

Some goods may not be exported to some countries in unlimited quantities. The movement of goods may be completely suspended in the event of an embargo. Our knowledge of commercial laws and regulations is constantly updated to ensure that no change in the law escapes us.


We know which goods and countries require special attention and are always pleased to advise you on successful customs clearance.

Supplier Declarations

We know how to handle supplier declarations correctly. Whether a single supplier declaration or a long-term supplier declaration should be used, you are well advised by us – we prepare the documents quickly, reliably and professionally.

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