What do I have to consider when importing and exporting chemicals and pharmaceuticals?

The basis for pharmaceutical law in Germany is the Act on the Marketing of Medicinal Products – Arzneimittelgesetz (AMG).

The export (according to Section 4 (32) of the German Medicines Act (AMG) of any introduction into third countries that are not contracting states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area – EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) of medicinal products is not restricted, provided that this is not in contravention of a marketing prohibition. An export for the purpose of marketing pharmaceuticals abroad is therefore prohibited.

Further information is available from: https://www.zoll.de/DE/Fachthemen/Verbote-Beschraenkungen/Schutz-der-menschlichen-Gesundheit/Arzneimittel/arzneimittel_node.html;jsessionid=A9E4A9E0FF9C3E4E66A383CD520E4C42.live4412